Hi All,

As we approach one of my favorite times of the year, it’s nice to look back at the year and give thanks for all the new friends we have made this year in this great hobby, and for all the old friends that have helped us get where we are today. I hope everyone has a safe Christmas and New Year’s as you travel to see friends and family.  I look forward to what next year has in store for all of us.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Hobby Car Corvettes!

Until next time,
RJ Sottile & rest of the Hobby Car Corvettes Family


Santa’s New Ride

By RJ Sottile

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Hobby Car Corvettes!

Every year we get a little carried away with the Christmas decorating. This year we went over the top by adding a 1973 corvette to the display! Check out the pictures and video below.



Massive Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

By RJ Sottile



Here at Hobby Car Corvettes, it has been a busy year with lots of new corvettes coming in as many others leave for new homes all across the country and the world. As in years past, we have some corvettes that just haven’t found the right home yet.  It is time to clear these out to make room for our new inventory rolling in every day.

This is where Black Friday comes in.  Our annual Black Friday sale helps us clear many cars off of our lot, with the result that we have fewer cars to store through the winter.  We also have more space and funds to work with as we add a multitude of fresh corvettes to our inventory throughout the winter and spring.  We accomplish this by offering a large selection of our corvettes at DEEP discounts, sometimes even less than what we paid for them.  This is why the sale only lasts for one week.

So, starting TODAY, until after Cyber Monday (Tuesday, November 29), take advantage of these huge discounts while they last.

Again, this sale ends on November 29, 2016!  These discounted prices will NOT be honored after the end of the sale!

Click here to check out all the Black Friday Deals!