Corvette Insurance

Listed below are just some of the hundreds of classic corvette insurance companies world-wide.

At Hobby Car Corvettes, we always recommend classic car insurance verses standard auto insurance. These companies deal only with classic cars, which will work in your favor.

With classic car or vintage corvette insurance, the vehicle is usually insured for the amount you believe it is worth (you agree upon this value when setting up your policy). Standard auto insurance insures your car for its book value, which can be a lot less than its actual worth and what you’ve put into it.

These companies are also known to have the best rates possible. This is because they know this isn’t just your daily driver- it will be well taken care of spend most of its time in a garage.

These are just a few of the main reasons to choose classic car insurance for your new corvette. Below are links to some companies that offer classic car insurance.



Links to these companies have been listed as resources that may be helpful to you. The above logos have been used with permission, however these companies are in no way associated with Hobby Car Corvettes.