It seems like ages since we’ve had a nice sunny day when we could cruise around on clear roads. We’ve made good use of our time this winter, though, keeping busy searching out C3 Corvettes to add to our inventory. We travel pretty far in our efforts and it’s always an adventure!

One of our bigger buying trips turned into an over-nighter when things didn’t go according to plan (but when do they, really?).

We set out to see five cars. Seeing them and buying them was actually pretty easy. We bought one on the way to a friend’s house and left it in his driveway, heading another 1.5 hours down the road to see the other four. Fortunately, two of the Vettes were from the same owner, and the owners of the other two met us in the same location. We purchased all five (5/5 is pretty good!) and with the help of our friend who had tagged along, drove two and hauled one back to his house.

Things were going pretty fast and at this rate, we would have the fifth car picked up and back at home by midnight. However, a few miles from our friend’s house, one of the cars shut down. What turned out to be a faulty $10 part meant that we had to limp the car home the last six miles, which took an extra thirty minutes. When we got there, we found out that our rollback driver who had been on the way to pick up two of the Vettes, followed by two more, had broken down a mile away. We went to meet him and ended up having to call a tow truck for his tow truck (oh, the irony!).

By the time we had dinner and went back to pull the final corvette out of a very, very muddy yard, in the rain, it was past midnight. We checked into a hotel and headed back to our friend’s house in the morning. With our transporter out of the game, and no one else available, we drove one and hauled one home, and then came back twice more to haul the third and fourth, returning the next morning for the fifth. We got the final vette home just ahead of a snowstorm.

Fortunately, not all of our buying trips are this “eventful,” but there’s certainly never a dull moment!

Check out all of our new arrivals below!

Until next time,
RJ & Holly Sottile

1972 Turquoise Convertible Corvette For Sale

Numbers matching, four speed manual transmission, rally wheels, black interior, black convertible top, same owner since 1995.


Numbers matching, auto, original smoke leather interior,  power steering, power brakes, A/C, power windows, AM/FM/CD player, tilt & tele steering column, alloy wheels, original ignition shielding, original valve covers, original air cleaner assembly, and much more. 1977 was the last year for the short back window in a Corvette. GM only produced 9,408 white Vettes in 1977.



Built 350, automatic, yellow paint, power steering, power brakes, A/C, tilt & telescopic steering column, alloy wheels, power windows, brown leather interior, AM/FM/CD player, and much more. GM only produced 3,389 bright yellow corvettes in 1976.


Numbers matching, L48/350 motor, manual transmission, white leather interior, power steering, power brakes, power windows, A/C, tilt and tele steering column, rear window defogger, AM/FM radio, rally wheels, original valve covers, original air cleaner assembly, luggage rack, original ignition shielding, and much more. 1977 was the last year for the short back window generation in the C3 series.