Hello all,

Happy New Year!

As usual, we began our year with a car-buying trip. We sent home seven Corvettes to add to our inventory. After all, we’ve got to fill up that new building! Our most exciting find (and dare I say, the highlight of our trip) was a 1974 Corvette Station Wagon. Many people have no idea these ever existed. Others believe that they were a limited edition produced by GM.

The truth is, no Corvette Station Wagon ever rolled off the assembly lines.  Instead, a Corvette owner could purchase a kit to convert any corvette into a wagon. There were a variety of different styles to choose from. In this case, the conversion was done in-house at the dealership where the Corvette was purchased, so it has been a Corvette Wagon all its life!  The rest of this Vette’s story is interesting too- after buying and converting the Corvette, the original owner later lost it in a poker match. The person who won the car eventually sold it to the gentleman we bought it from.

I can remember my family having a Corvette Wagon when I was a kid, and I’ve wanted to find another ever since. (Not a surprise, since I love custom Vettes!)  I had the chance to look at one last summer, but it was in pretty bad shape. This 1974 is in nice condition with only 54,000 miles. It will be ready for sale soon, but I’m hoping to have a little fun with it before it goes!  It’s sure to get a lot of attention at our favorite cruise-ins.

Until next time,

RJ & Holly Sottile