We here at Hobby Car Corvettes, located in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, are excited to launch a blog series highlighting the specs and fun facts on every Third Generation Corvette, from from the exciting and slightly rocky beginning in 1968, to the end of the era in 1982. It remains the longest running generation of Corvettes, and we think that speaks to the quality and popularity of the design. We love the C3 Generation, because we truly believe they were, and still are, the cream of the Corvette crop. They say the third time’s a charm, right? We think this rings true for the Corvette family. So wasting no more time, let’s dive right in and get pumped about the first C3 Corvette, the 1968!





1968 C3 Red and Yellow Corvettes

1968 C3 Red and Yellow Corvettes


“Corvette 68”… All different, all over”.

This was the quote for the original sales brochure for the release of the Third Generation Corvette. The honesty of this sales pitch is evidenced by the photos included from the original brochure!


It was the year 1968 that we eagerly welcomed the sharkesque inspired Vettes to the Chevrolet family. The C3 Vettes were deemed this title due to their long, sleek, and aggressive design. Whether you could put your finger on exactly why or not, the car just seemed “meaner” this year, and people loved it! What’s better than having a fast car? Having a mean car!


the Convertible Coupe 1968

the Convertible Coupe


While the chassis and engine were carried over from the second generation Vettes, the C3 Vettes saw a complete remodel of the interior and exterior design. It’s absolutely essential that a car runs well, but when you have a deep love for cars, it is equally important that it turns heads and catches eyes. So this year, Corvette went big in the aesthetics department. This year, the coupe lost it’s fastback window. In its place, the Corvette was fitted with a removable back window and removable t-top, giving it that desirable convertible feel.


yellow C3 1968 uncapped

yellow C3 1968 uncapped


hardtop red C3 1968

hardtop red C3 1968




Being the first-born in a generation carries a lot of pressure. There hasn’t been opportunity for audience experience and feedback yet, and so you’re bound to take at least a little heat with the praise. The sales for the C3 Vettes didn’t skyrocket until 1969 because a lot of buyers were nervous that there would be bugs and kinks to be worked out, and they weren’t entirely wrong. The customers who did dive right in, gave plenty of feedback on their 1968 Chevrolet Corvette. Most notable, and quickly remedied for the 1969 release, many owners complained heavily about the lack of interior room. There was a design flaw in the interior door panel that left owners feeling cramped in the shoulder area. While the door looked sleek, functionally, it left a lot to be desired.




The first of the third generation Vettes, the 1968, offered the option of an anti-theft alarm system. If you are going to invest in an incredible car like a Corvette, it seems like a great option, right? Even still, only 400 cars ended up equipped with the system. While Vettes from 1963 to 1967, and then 1969 to 1976 were known as, and monikered as Sting Rays and then Stingrays, the 1968 Vette was not technically listed as either. No one is really sure why, but we still love you 1968.




At the end of the year, 1968 had a rough start due to skepticism and initial hiccups. Nonetheless, it was the beginning of a great era to come. Someone has to be the front runner. Someone has to figure out what the people want, what they don’t, and how to bring it to them. We here at Hobby Car Corvettes, are grateful for the 1968. Without it, we would not have known the greatest generation of Corvettes to have ever existed. We can’t wait to see what 1969 has to bring us. Stay tuned for our C3 Vette Rundown: The Series.   Continue scrolling for specs, codes, and more original brochure images!


variety of vinyl color swatches for 1968 C3

more options, more colors



Vehicle SpecificationsConvertible Coupe
Wheelbase, inches 98.0 98.0
Length, inches 182.1182.1
Width, inches 69.2 69.2
Track, inches front: 58.3 rear: 59.0 front: 58.3 rear: 59.0
Height, inches 47.8 47.8
Curb weight, pounds 3,425 3,260

Mechanical Specifications (2-door convertible/coupe)

SuspensionFRONT: Independent; upper and lower A-arms, coil springs, tubular hydraulic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar REAR: Independent, lateral leaf springs, struts, U-joint halfshafts, trailing arms, tubular hydraulic shock absorbers
BrakesFRONT: 11.75-inch disc REAR: 11.75-inch disc
Standard Axle Ratio3.70:1


1968 C3 Corvette

1968 C3 Corvette


Engine Specifications

Typeohv V-8 ohv V-8 ohv V-8 ohv V-8 ohv V-8 ohv V-8
Displacement, liters/cu inch 5.35/3275.35/3277.0/427 7.0/427 7.0/427 7.0/427
Bore × stroke, inches4.00 x 3.254.00 x 3.254.25 x 3.764.25 x 3.764.25 x 3.764.25 x 3.76
Fuel Management1 x 4-bbl.1 x 4-bbl.1 x 4-bbl.3 x 2-bbl.3 x 2-bbl.1 x 4-bbl.
Horsepower @ rpm300 @ 5,000350 @ 5,800390 @ 5,400400 @ 5,400435 @ 5,800430 @ 5,200
Torque @ rpm, pound-foot360 @ 3,400360 @ 3,600460 @ 3,600460 @ 3,600460 @ 4,000450 @ 4,400


Published Performance Numbers

Acceleration300 hp, 4-sp man.
0-60 mph, sec6.5
0-100 mph, sec NA
1/4-mile, sec @ mph 13.41 @ 109.5


Vehicle Production and Base Prices

Car TypeProductionPrice
2-door convertible18,630$4,320.00
2-door coupe9,9364,663.00


Transmission Codes

SSaginaw 3-Speed
PMuncie 4-Speed
KTurbo Hydra-Matic 400, Corvette 327 Engines
LTurbo Hydra-Matic 400, Corvette 427 Engines


Color Choices and Production

Color ChoiceProductionColor ChoiceProduction
Tuxedo Black708Polar White1,868
Rally Red2,918LeMans Blue4,722
International Blue2,473British Green4,779
Safari Yellow3,133Silverstone Silver3,435
Cordovan Maroon1,155Corvette Bronze3,374


Options, Codes, and Production

19437Base Corvette Sport Coupe9,936$4,663.00
19467Base Corvette Convertible18,630$4,320.00
Genuine Leather Seats2,429$79.00
A01Soft Ray Tinted Glass, All Windows17,635$15.80
A02Soft Ray Tinted Glass, Windshield5,509$10.55
A31Power Windows 7,065$57.95
A85Custom Shoulder Belt (std. With coupes)350$26.35
C07Auxiliary Hardtop (for convertible)8,735$231.75
C08Vinyl Covering (for auxiliary hardtop)3,05052.70
C50Rear Window Defroster69331.60
C60Air Conditioning5,664412.90
F41Special Front and Rear Suspension1,75836.90
G81Positraction Rear Axle, all ratios 27,00846.35
J50Power Brakes9,55942.15
J56Special Heavy Duty Brakes81384.45
K66Transistor Ignition System5,45773.75
L36427 ci, 390hp Engine7,717200.15
L68427 ci, 400hp Engine1,932305.50
L71427 ci, 435hp Engine2,898437.10
L79327 ci, 350hp Engine9,440105.35
L88427 ci, 430hp Engine80947.90
L89Aluminum Cylinder Heads with L71624805.75
M204-Speed Manual Transmission10,760184.35
M214-Speed Man Trans, close ratio12,337184.35
M224-Speed Man Trans, close ratio, heavy duty 80263.30
M40Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission5,063226.45
N11Off Road Exhaust System4,69536.90
N36Telescopic Steering Column6,47742.15
N40Power Steering12,36494.80
P01Bright Metal Wheel Cover8,97157.95
PT6Red Stripe Tires, F70x15, nylon11,68631.30
PT7White Stripe Tires, F70x15, nylon9,69231.30
UA6Alarm System38826.35
U15Speed Warning Indicator3,45310.55
U69AM-FM Radio24,609172.75
U79AM-FM Radio, stereo3,311278.10