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Corvettes in Other Colors

For Corvette lovers in search of that perfect classic Vette, but particularly that beautiful Corvette they have always dreamed of… we have consolidated our inventory of classic Vettes onto this page below. If you don’t see the perfect Corvette you are looking for remember to call 814-937-4941.

1969 Orange Corvette For Sale

Just Arrived

Price pending inspection and detailing - email or call for current price

350, automatic, saddle interior, side pipes, and much more.

1977 Brown Corvette Automatic For Sale

Just Arrived


Automatic transmission, brown leather interior, power steering, power brakes, power windows, tilt and telescopic steering column, A/C, AM/FM/CD player, original air cleaner assembly, alloy wheels, and much more. The last owner replaced the door panels, carpet, seat covers, Dynomax mufflers, upper control arm bushings, and much more. We replaced the sway bar links, lower control… Read More

1978 Yenko Silver Anniversary L82 Corvette Rare Close Ratio 4spd T Top


You will not find another 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette sold new at Yenko Chevrolet with only 16,000 miles! It’s very rare to find one in such excellent condition! This C3 Corvette comes with all its original paperwork, including the Yenko Chevrolet invoice showing all the options. It was sold new at Yenko Chevrolet in Washington, Pennsylvania, and… Read More

1979 Black Cherry Corvette T Top For Sale

Just Arrived


350, 36,906 miles on dash, black interior, automatic, alloy wheels, power steering, power brakes, power windows, tilt and telescope steering column, X-A/C, pace car spoilers, Gymkhana suspension, dual exhaust, and much more. We changed the oil and filter, rear end grease and additive, checked and lubed the chassis. We also replaced the two power steering… Read More

1981 Charcoal Corvette Red Int Hot Rod For Sale

Just Arrived


350, 72,400 miles on dash, 4spd, red leather interior, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power driver side seat, X-A/C, AM/FM/Cassette, tilt and tele steering column, sport mirrors, Edelbrock carb, Edelbrock intake, alloy wheels, high rise hood, and much more. The previous owners replaced the upper control arm bushings, calipers, master cylinder, distributor cap, rotor, spark… Read More

1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette Survivor Forsale


Numbers matching, 20,000 original miles, L48/350, automatic, alloy wheels, original red cloth interior, original silver and charcoal paint, AM/FM/8 Track, tilt and tele steering column, power windows, power steering, power brakes, A/C, original valve covers, original air cleaner assembly, original ignition shielding, and much more. The last family owned it since 1997. It has always… Read More

1972 Ontario Orange Corvette Stingray Convertible Automatic

This 1972 Stingray Corvette drives like new! A black top convertible in Ontario Orange has one of our favorite color schemes. With only 61,000 miles, it’s a one owner C3 Corvette with all the paper work, including the protecto plate. Everything on this car is completely original with numbers matching, making this a must-own classic… Read More

1972 Elkhart Green LT1 Corvette Stingray

This 1972 LT1 Corvette Stingray in Elkhart Green is stunning! A T Top with the rare LT1 package makes it a favorite among collectors. With only 43,000 miles, this C3 Corvette has a 350/255 hp motor, 4spd transmission, power steering, tinted glass windows, an AM/FM radio, and a nice original saddle interior. Recently, this classic… Read More

1970 Cortez Silver Baldwin Motion LT-1 Corvette T Top

A very, very rare C3 Corvette. The original owner of this 1970 Baldwin Motion LT1 Corvette T Top was told by Joel Rosen that this is the first LT1 to be released with the Baldwin Motion Phase III package, and more than likely the only one to retain its original engine. With a gorgeous Cortez… Read More

History of Corvette Colors

Over the years GM released the Corvette in some cutting edge and unique colors. This page is dedicated to these colors that wouldn’t fit in any other category but there own. The 1955 model year started off unique colors like Corvette Copper and Harvest Gold. The 1956 model year brought about a whole new body for the Vette along with colors like Aztec Copper and Cascade Green. The 1957 mode year Vette continued with some special colors like Inca Silver, Aztec Copper, and Cascade Green. The 1958 Corvette brought another complete body styling change to the C1 Vette along with colors like Charcoal and Regal Turquoise. The 1959 Corvette was released with colors like Classic Cream, Crown Sapphire, and Inca Silver. The 1960 Corvettes also had there fair share of different colors like Tasco Turquoise, Honduras Maroon, Ermine White, Sateen Silver, and Cascade Green. The 1961 Corvette was redesigned we a ducktail rear and 4 tail lights, it also had colors like Fawn Beige, Honduras Maroon, and Sateen Silver. The 1962 Model year Vette was the end of the C1 body style. This year featured colors like Fawn Beige, Almond Beige, and Sateen Silver.

The 1963 Corvette was the first year for the C2 Mid Year Corvette, this year had colors like code 932 Saddle Tan and code 941 Sebring Silver. The 1964 Vette continued the code 932 Saddle Tan and code 940 Satin Silver. The 1965 C2 Corvette had a few new colors: code GG Glen Green and code QQ Silver Pearl. The 1966 Corvette used colors like code 986 Silver Pearl and code 982 Mosport Green. The 1967 C2 Vette was the last of the Mid Year era Vette. They used colors like code 980 Goodwood Green and Silver Pearl.

The 1968 Corvette was the first year for the Mako Shark C3 body style. This year GM release colors like code 984 British Green, code 986 Silverstone Silver, code 988 Cordovan Maroon, and code 992 Corvette Bronze. The 1969 C3 Vette also had its share of unusual colors like code 980 Riverside Gold, code 983 Fathom Green, code 986 Cortez Silver, code 988 Burgundy, and code 990 Monaco Orange. The 1970 Corvette was released with wider fenders than 68 and 69 to cut down on stone chips. The 1970 C3 Vette had colors like code 982 Donnybrooke Green, code 986 Cortez Silver, code 991 Ontario Orange, code 992 Laguna Gray, and code 993 Corvette Bronze. The 1971 Model Vette had colors like code 905 Nevada Silver, code 983 Brands Hatch Green, code 988 Steel Cities Gray, and code 989 War Bonnet Yellow. The 1972 Corvette C3 was the last year for chrome bumpers on both ends. The 72 Vettes had colors like code 924 Pewter Silver, code 946 Elkhart Green, code 987 Ontario Orange, and code 988 Steel Cities Gray.

The 1973 C3 Corvette was the first year for a rubber front bumper, this year still had chrome rear bumpers. The 73 Vettes had colors like code 945 Blue-Green, code 947 Elkhart Green, and Orange. The 1974 Corvette was the first year for rubber bumpers on both ends of the Vette. This year also released colors like code 917 Corvette Gray, code 948 Dark Green, code 969 Dark Brown, and code 980 Corvette Orange. The 1975 Corvette was the last year for a convertible Vette in the C3 body style. The 75 Vettes also had colors like code 42 Bright Green, code 67 Medium Saddle, and code 70 Orange Flame. The 1976 Corvette was released with colors like code 33 Dark Green, code 37 Mahogany, code 64 Buckskin, code 69 Dark Brown, and code 70 Orange Flame. The 1977 Corvette was the last year for the short back window. The 77 Corvette had colors like color 13 Silver, code 41 Corvette Chartreuse, code 66 Corvette Orange, and code 80 Corvette Tan.

The 1978 Corvette was released with a big back window; this year was also the 25th anniversary of the Corvette. The 78 Vettes had colors like code 13 Silver, code 59 Corvette Light Beige, code 82 Corvette Mahogany, and code 89 Corvette Dark Brown. The 1979 Corvette was the last year for the rounded rear bumper, and the none flared front bumper. The 79 Corvette had colors like code 13 Silver, code 58 Corvette Dark Green, code 59 Corvette Light Beige, and code 82 Corvette Dark Brown.

The 1980 Corvette was the first year for the flared front bumper, and the rear spoiler built into the rear bumper. The 80 Corvette came in colors like code 13 Silver, code 47 Dark Brown, code 58 Dark Green, code 59 Frost Beige, and code 75 Dark Claret. The 1981 Corvette was the first and only year Corvettes we produced at two separate factories. The 81 Vettes had colors like code 06 Mahogany Metallic, code 13 Silver Metallic, code 59 Beige, code 79 Maroon Metallic, code 84 Charcoal Metallic, code 33/38 Silver/Dark Blue, code 33/39 Silver/Charcoal, code 50/74 Beige/Dark Bronze, and code 80/98 Autumn Red/Dark Claret. The 1982 Corvette was the end of the C3 Mako Shark body style. 1982 featured a few one year only colors like code 59 Gold, code 13 Silver, code 39 Charcoal, code 40 Silver Green, code 59 Silver Beige, code 10/13 White/Silver, code 13/39 Silver/Charcoal, code 13/99 Silver/Dark Claret, code 24/26 Silver Blue/ Dark Blue, and code 59 Silver-Beige Collector Car Color. The 82 Corvette was the end a long era in the Corvette history.