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Classic Yellow Corvettes For Sale

For Corvette lovers in search of that perfect classic Vette, but particularly that beautiful yellow Corvette they have always dreamed of… we have consolidated our inventory of classic yellow corvettes onto this page below. If you don’t see the perfect Vette you are looking for, call us 814-937-4941.

1974 Bright Yellow Corvette Automatic Saddle Interior For Sale

Just Arrived


Numbers matching, L48/350 engine,  automatic transmission, 47,000 original miles, saddle leather interior, tilt and telescopic steering column, power steering, power brakes, rally wheels, AM/FM/Cassette radio, Moon roofs, fiberglass bumper covers, HEI ignition, dual exhaust, and much more. We changed the oil and filter, transmission filter and fluid, and checked and lubed the chassis. We replaced… Read More

1974 Bright Yellow Corvette For Sale

Just Arrived


350 crate engine, 21,450 miles on dash, automatic, black leather interior, American Racing wheels, power steering, power brakes, AM/FM/CD player, power windows, X-A/C, rear window defogger, Hooker header side pipes, 80’s style fiberglass rear bumper, fiberglass front bumper, Edelbrock aluminum intake, and much more. I drove this corvette 3 hours home. It runs and drives… Read More

1968 Safari Yellow Corvette Stingray Convertible C3

With a 327/350 hp motor and 4spd transmission, this 1968 Corvette Stingray Convertible in Safari Yellow is a joy to drive. This C3 Corvette was frame-off restored and runs like new. The classic convertible has new black carpet and seat covers, a new base coat/clear coat paint job, dual exhaust, stainless steel brakes, and all… Read More

Survivor 1977 Bright Yellow L82 4spd Corvette T Top


Whoever buys this Corvette Survivor from 1977 is going to be a very happy customer! This Bright Yellow T Top Corvette has an L82/350 engine and a very rare close ratio 4spd transmission. This an extremely rare C3 Corvette that has been very well cared for by two owners. The T Top has 20,000 original… Read More

1972 Sunflower Yellow Corvette LT1 Convertible

This 1972 Sunflower Yellow Corvette LT1 Convertible is a rarity. It’s dark saddle interior and tan convertible top go great with the bright color, making it one our favorites! This C3 Corvette was owned and restored by a GM dealer for over 20 years and has only amassed 38,000 miles. It’s 350/LT1 motor and unique… Read More

1970 Daytona Yellow Corvette Stingray Convertible 4spd All Original

A perfect collector’s car! This 1970 Stingray Corvette Convertible in Daytona Yellow is all original. Its black convertible top matches perfectly, and you can’t go wrong with a 350/300 hp motor on a C3 Corvette. This classic convertible has 50,000 miles and recently received new stainless steel brakes and dual exhaust. Other Specs: numbers matching,… Read More

History Of the Yellow vette

The 1955 Corvette was the first year for Yellow, they called it Harvest Gold with 120 built. Yellow did not return to the Corvette until 1958. The 58 Vette used Panama Yellow with 455 produced. Yellow was never used again in the C1 era Corvette. It reappeared in the 1965 Corvette under a new name: Code XX Goldwood Yellow with 1,275 built. The 1966 Corvette continued the Yellow trend with code 984 Sunfire Yellow with 2,339 produced. The 1967 Corvette was the last year for the C2 Vette, but it continued with code 984 Sunfire Yellow with 2,325 produced.

The 1968 Corvette was the first year for the Mako Shark C3 body style. This year GM released code 984 Safari Yellow with 3,133 produced. The 1969 Vette was a continuation of the 1968 C3 Vette, this year the Yellow changed to code 984 Daytona Yellow. The 1970 model year brought wider fenders and some new interior designs for more comfort. The 70 Corvette shared code 984 Daytona Yellow with the 69 Vette. The 1971 production year was the first time Chevrolet released more than one shade of Yellow in the same year. This year there was code 912 Sunflower Yellow and code 989 War Bonnet Yellow. GM produced 1,177 Sunflower Yellows and 3,706 War Bonnet Yellow Corvettes in 71. The 1972 model year was the last year for chrome bumpers on both ends. This year also continued with code 912 Sunflower Yellow, and code 989 War Bonnet Yellow. GM produced 1,542 Sunflower Yellow, and 2550 War Bonnet Yellow Corvettes in 72.

The 1973 C3 Corvette no longer had a chrome bumper, it was replaced with a urethane bumper, this model Vette also had a longer hood which replaces the wiper door assembly. GM released two different Yellows in 1973 code 952 Yellow and code 953 Metallic Yellow. The 1974 C3 Vette had no chrome bumpers and only had code 956 Bright Yellow. The 1975 production was the last year for a convertible Corvette in the C3 body style. GM continued with code 56 Bright Yellow with 2,883 produced. The 1976 Corvette also used code 56 Bright Yellow with 3,389 produced. The 1977 Corvettes was the last year for a short back window, 78 was the first year for the big back window. The 1977 Corvette saw the return of two yellows: code 52 Corvette Yellow and code 56 Corvette Bright Yellow. GM released 71 Corvette Yellows and 1,942 Corvette Bright Yellows in 77. The 1978 Corvette returned to only one Yellow: code 52 Corvette Yellow with 1,243 produced. The 1979 Corvette was the last year for this style with the rounded rear bumper, and none flared front bumper. The 79 Vette used Code 52 Corvette Yellow with 2,357 produced.

The 1980 Vette was the first year for the spoiler rear bumper, and the flared front bumper. This style only lasted three years. The 80 Corvette was produced in code 52 Yellow with 2,077 produced. The 1981 Vette carried the same body ad the 80 Corvette with code 52 Yellow continuing too. Chevrolet released 1,031 Yellow Corvettes in 81. 1981 was also the last year for a yellow Corvette in the C3 Mako Shark body style.