Over the years Corvette offered many different suspension packages. One of the most popular is the FE7 Gymkhana Suspension package which gave you heavy duty front sway bar, springs, shocks, and a rear sway bar. This option package was available from 1974-1982 in the C3 Corvette Era. Prior to the FE7 Gymkhana suspension package Corvette offered F40, F41, and Z07 suspension packages which also included heavy duty front sway bar, shocks, springs, and a rear sway bar. Prior to 1973 these suspension package were many only available with these engine options: LT-1, ZR-1, ZR-2, L68, L71, L88, L89, L36, L68, L72, L78, L84, L76, and L84.

Gymkhana Suspension Production Numbers:

1982: 5,457

1981: 7,803

1980: 9,907

1979: 12,321

1978: 12,590

1977: 7,269

1976: 5,368

1975: 3,194

1974 1,905

Corvette Suspension

Corvette Suspension