1971 Sunflower Yellow Corvette Big Block

This car has been SOLD


Fully restored, 454/425Hp/500 ft./lbs. of torque LS6 GM crate engine, original big block vette, 4spd, power steering, tilt & tele steering column, tinted glass, AM/FM/CD radio, saddle leather interior, rally wheels, A/C, power windows, rear window defogger, headers, removable rear window, Hurst shifter, proper big block tachometer, suspension, frame, & U joints, original big block alternator setup, and much more.

This corvette has had a very expensive and extensive restoration done. The whole front and rear suspension have been redone with control arm bushings, lower ball joints, sway bar links, shocks, trailing arm bushings, strut rod bushings, and rear spring rubber bushings.

The new 454/425Hp/500 ft./lbs. of torque LS6 GM crate engine features the Gen VI 4-bolt mains with 1-piece rear main seal blocks with approximately 8.75:1 compression, 425 hp at 5,250 rpm and 500 ft./lbs. of torque at 3,250 rpm. The “HO” stands for High Output, which means you get Forged steel externally balanced crankshafts, forged steel LS6/LS7 “Dimple” rods, shot peened and magna fluxed with 7/16 in. rod bolts. Forged aluminum pistons, hydraulic roller camshafts with .510 in. intake lift, .540 in. exhaust lift and duration at .050 in. for intake is 211 and 230 for exhaust, lobe centerline is 112 degrees. Cast iron cylinder heads with rectangular port 118cc combustion chambers, 325cc intake runner volume with 2.19 in. intake valves and 1.88 in. exhaust. These heads are configured for 3/8 in. thread 7/16 in. shank rocker arm studs. Stamped steel self-aligning 1.7:1 ratio rocker arms come installed along with AC Delco spark plugs. Also included with these crate engines; oil pans, black powder coated aluminum valve covers, black powder coated aluminum timing covers, long style cast iron “V” belt rotation water pumps, 8 in. harmonic balancers, HEI ignition, original 1971 Corvette 454/425Hp aluminum intake, Holley carb, headers, dual exhaust, high performance mufflers, high torque start, new fuel pump, new water pump, MSD plug wires, belts & hoses, and original big block alternator setup.

The transmission has been rebuilt with a new clutch and pressure plate. The headlights and wipers have all new vacuum hoses and switches, and the wiper door has a new canister. The frame has been completely cleaned and painted with new brake and fuel lines installed, as well as a new fuel tank. The body has been professionally repainted in base coat/clear coat. The interior has had door panels, seat covers, carpet, and a complete weatherstrip kit installed.

The last owner drove this vette about a hour to us. It has been fully serviced and is ready to go! This corvette is awesome to drive with all the horse power and torque!

GM produced 1,177 Sunflower Yellow Corvettes, 5,097 big blocks, 1,598 with rear window defogger, 6,192 with power windows out of 21,801 total production in 1971.

SOLD Check out the video!
1971 Sunflower Yellow Corvette Big Block Video

This car has been sold.

  • It has joined the hundreds of Corvettes we have sold locally and internationally.

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