1975 Silver Corvette Convertible Stingray For Sale

This car has been SOLD


350 engine, 4 speed manual transmission, 75,400 miles on dash (title is exempt for mileage), silver leather interior, white convertible top, rear window defogger, rally wheels, power steering, fiberglass bumper covers, AM/FM radio, luggage rack, original air cleaner assembly, original ignition shielding, original valve covers, and much more. 

We changed the oil and filter and checked and lubed the chassis. We also replaced the upper and lower control arm bushings, upper and lower ball joints, front shocks, leaf spring rubbers, alternator, sway bar links, and much more. 

1975 was the last year for a corvette convertible until the C4 generation corvette. GM only made 4,629 convertibles, 4,710 silver, 9,992 manual transmissions, and very few with rear window defogger in a convertible out of 38,465 total production that year.

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SOLD Check out the video!
1975 Silver Corvette Convertible Stingray For Sale Video

This car has been sold.

  • It has joined the hundreds of Corvettes we have sold locally and internationally.

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