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1976 Orange Flame Corvette Black Interior 4 Speed Manual For Sale

This car has been SOLD


350 crate engine, 82,000 original miles, 4 speed manual transmission, black leather interior, power steering, power brakes, power windows, A/C, factory side pipes, tilt and telescopic steering column, AM/FM/Cassette, rally wheels, ceramic coated headers, GM angle plug aluminum heads, GM aluminum intake, Holley carb, fiberglass rear bumper, and much more.

This sharp corvette is a lot of fun to drive with the upgraded engine and the factory side exhaust.

We changed the oil & filter, checked & lubed the chassis, and changed the rear end grease & additive. We also replaced the top radiator hose, thermostat & gasket, water pump, throw out bearing, and much more.

1976 was the last year for the Stingray emblems on the fenders of a corvette until the C7 generation. GM released 4,073 in Orange Flame, and 9,933 with 4 speed manual transmission out of 46,558 that year.

SOLD Check out the video!
1976 Orange Flame Corvette Black Interior 4 Speed Manual For Sale Video

This car has been sold.

  • It has joined the hundreds of Corvettes we have sold locally and internationally.

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