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“Saten’s Wing” Corvette Custom Mid Engine Gullwing Doors

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This one-of-a-kind former show car speaks strongly of a former era, and is quite possibly the most unique vette we’ve ever owned!

Mid-Engine, using an Oldsmobile Toronado transmission, and small block chevy engine. Windshield has been chopped 3 inches, roof chopped 6 inches, firewall sectioned 6 inches, and rear clip sectioned 3 inches. Underside of all body panels has been molded smooth and painted body color. Frame has been full-length welded, molded smooth, and painted white pearl with ribbons. Doors are gull-wing, as car is only 37 inches high. Many 80’s-type show tricks such as TV in dash, computer in console, shifter hung from t-bar, and molded fiberglass lay down seats. Car originally had twin turbo 350 chevy engine and was known as “Saten’s Wing” on the ISCA show circuit. Picture in the display was the London Ontario Canada. car show.

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This car has been sold.

  • It has joined the hundreds of Corvettes we have sold locally and internationally.

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