This past Thanksgiving, I was fortunately able to travel home to Altoona, Pennsylvania to visit family and old friends. A bonus on this trip, I would finally be able to visit Hobby Car Corvettes, located in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania!


Hobby Car Corvettes Private Collection Showroom

Hobby Car Corvettes Private Collection Showroom


As the Hobby Car Corvettes blogger, I had been rapidly learning about and falling in love with Corvette history since May of 2018. Up until November, I had gathered all my information about Hobby Car Corvettes from afar. But on Wednesday, November 21, I would finally stand amongst the stunning and impressive Corvettes of Hobby Car Corvettes!




I began working as the regular blog writer for Hobby Car Corvettes when my old friend and classmate, Holly Sottile, reached out to me when she learned of my career path. Holly told me about her and her husband R.J.’s venture, reselling classic and modern Corvettes, and that they were looking for a blogger. She expressed, like many business owners, that they had all the information and ideas, but so little time to write with all their other commitments. This is often when people hire someone like me, to put all those words and ideas into perfectly packaged blog posts for the public eye.


When Holly reached out to me, I provided full disclosure, that my Corvette knowledge was limited. I added that I was, however, ready, willing, and eager to learn, and they put me to the test! I began with a post on May 11, 2018, about the 1968 Corvette; the first of the Third Generation Corvettes. After that first post, I was hooked, and Holly and R.J. were pleased.


Hobby Car Corvettes Showroom Floor

Hobby Car Corvettes Showroom Floor


When I told Holly I would be making a trip home to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, she immediately invited me to visit her and R.J., and of course… the Corvettes! I made the occasion a family outing as I knew my dad would be tickled by the event. And it was quite the experience!


Hobby Car Corvettes Showroom

Hobby Car Corvettes Showroom


Even I, a novice, could not help but be filled with nostalgia for a time I wasn’t even a part of. It was as if I was transported to four eras in one room! The variety of bold and bright colors was mesmerizing. Before leaving, I had picked out more than one favorite Corvette. I personally have a soft spot for all things ‘50s and ‘60s, and green and blue. I joked that maybe one day we could barter blog posts for a Corvette.





While visiting the warehouse, I was able to learn a little more intimately about the history of Hobby Car Corvettes and finally got to meet the the dream team behind all things Hobby Car Corvette. Bob is the father in the father and son team, and R.J. is his son, and my friend Holly’s husband. The story of how this small town Corvette resale grew from humble beginnings, to being a globally known reseller, is inspiring and speaks volumes to the quality of the business.


Hobby Car Corvettes humbly opened its doors in 1986 with 13 ‘Vettes on the sales floor. Born out of Bob Sottile’s passion for all things Corvette, the venture grew through his commitment and evident love for the business. Bob first fell in love with cars, humbly pumping gas. He knew his life would be best lived surrounded by beautiful machines, and so he set straight away to building that life.


Hobby Car Corvettes. the Sottiles' Private Collection

Hobby Car Corvettes. the Sottiles’ Private Collection


After opening the doors of Hobby Car Corvettes, Bob brought on the youngest head salesman to date, when his son R.J. started visiting the showroom and helping dad in any way he could at the age of three. Growing up surrounded by Corvettes coming and going, it stood to reason that his passion would grow. Today, R.J. maintains his head salesman title, and his life happily revolves around all things Corvette. Through the power of technology and the world wide web, R.J. has grown the reach of Hobby Car Corvettes, and they have successfully been selling Corvettes worldwide for 33 years now!


Today, Bob and R.J. happily work side by side doing something they love and have bonded over for many years. In addition, R.J.’s wife Holly has happily offered her support in the venture. She and R.J. take many trips together searching for new and exciting Corvettes to bring to the floor.




Buying a vintage Corvette is so much more than buying just any old car. You need to know that you are working with a trust worthy, knowledgeable, fellow enthusiast. That is exactly who you find behind the scenes at Hobby Car Corvettes. Bob and R.J. don’t sell Corvettes to line their pockets. Reselling vintage cars is hardly a get-rich-quick-scheme. This is hard work that entails long drives, late nights, and a lot of learning and investing. It’s neither a smooth ride nor a walk in the park. But they persist. Bob and R.J. eagerly continue to grow and refine Hobby Car Corvettes, because they have an unwavering passion for a brand, and a diehard commitment to the Corvette community.



Happy Corvette customers have been singing the praises of Bob and R.J. for decades now! You can read some of the many glowing testimonials here. It’s clear as crystal that your experience working with the Sottiles will be nothing short of positive.





With over 30 years of experience and knowledge, a commitment to integrity and a community, you know when you buy from or sell to R.J. and Bob at Hobby Car Corvettes, you are making a sound and solid decision. They will do your Corvette justice, and they will provide transparency in all transactions. Your experience working with the Sottile family will not only be positive, it will deepen and reinforce your love for Chevrolet Corvettes and the community that comes with them.


Hobby Car Corvettes Showroom

Hobby Car Corvettes Showroom


Hobby Car Corvettes now consistently keeps over 70 Corvettes on the sales floor, and competently sells and helps to organize shipping for Corvettes all over the world. If you are looking to buy or sell, they are readily available to provide you with quality service, and help you find exactly what you are looking for!


Feel free to wander the showroom floor virtually by checking our inventory here, and you can reach out to the Sottiles by connecting here. They make searching for your perfect Corvette simple by utilizing filters for style, year, color, transmission, and series.


My experience working for the Sottiles has been a true pleasure, and I know your experience working with the Sottiles while buying or selling your Corvette, will leave you feeling good about humanity. These are good people providing a quality service, you can not go wrong. I assure you.