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A lot of people shut their classic cars up in the garage as soon as the temperature starts dropping and the last car show of the season has come and gone.  Not us!  Fall is one of our favorite times to cruise, thanks to the beautiful views and foliage in our region.  Just tonight we took our new 1969 burgundy convertible out to enjoy some back roads near our home.  If you also live in a place where you can’t enjoy your Vette (or other toys) year-round, we hope that you’re enjoying some beautiful autumn weather while it lasts!

When you do finally decide that it’s time to put your car away for the winter (for us it’s when the snow starts to fly!), be sure to follow these tips to properly winterize it until springtime.

Until next time,

Holly Sottile


1971 Steel Cities Gray Hot Rod 4spd Corvette T TopOriginal 4spd manual transmission, angle plug heads, black leather interior, rally wheels, tilt and tele steering, original radio, original shifter, headers, dual exhaust, L88 hood, Flowmaster mufflers, Edelbrock intake, Edelbrock carb, and much more.

We just replaced the master cylinder, and both right side calipers. We also changed the oil and filter, transmission grease, and rear end grease.

1969 Burgundy Corvette Convertible4spd, rally wheels, factory side pipes, power steering, black convertible top, hard top, crank windows, original AM/FM delco radio, 91,000 original miles, same owner since 1986, and much more.

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