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Our Vettes at Show

When we lock the doors at closing time, we don’t just forget about the cars we work on, restore, and sell- we go have fun in them.  Our favorite places to cruise to are the many local cruise-ins we enjoy throughout the summer (and part of the spring and fall if we’re lucky!).  It’s not just about showing off your car, or even looking at other cars.  In fact, we can’t even remember the last time we even entered in a competitive show for a trophy.  The best part about car shows is the other “car people.”  We have made countless friends at shows over the years, and we spend nearly all of our time at shows catching up with them and their latest projects.  Car people are truly some of the best there are, and every spring we just can’t wait for the first show so we can see them all again.

Below are some pictures of our cars at local shows.  Some are Corvettes and some are not.  Some people are surprised to learn that many of our cars are not even Chevy products.  It doesn’t matter to us- we just like to have fun!

This is our Baldwin Motion LT-1 at a show in Claysburg, PA, which is put on the by Altoona Corvette Club.  This car is literally the only one of its kind, so it’s a lot of fun to show and share information about.

At our favorite show, an annual weekend-long rod run at Lakemont Park in Altoona, PA, we brought our 1965 Corvette, 1951 Tin Woody, and 1974 Gremlin.

Another year at the Lakemont Rod Run, the Baldwin Motion LT-1 is nestled between the 1955 Chevys of two our best car show friends.

Also at the Lakemont Rod Run, we noticed lots of interest in our chopped Lincoln Zephyr, which was built by a well-known local car builder in the 50’s.

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