Here at Hobby Car Corvettes in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, USA, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to own their dream car. The Corvette is a classic and timeless car that has drawn attention beyond its American borders. Living overseas from the Corvette’s birthplace should not discourage anyone’s desire to obtain one of their very own. We happily sell our C3 Corvettes overseas, to enable international admirers to fulfill their dreams. Some of the countries we have sold or can sell to include Australia, France, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Malta, Brazil, South Africa, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.


international customer in Germany with his 1968 Blue convertible

international customer in Germany with his 1968 Blue convertible


international customer in Norway with his 1979 white corvette

international customer in Norway with his 1979 white corvette


Purchasing international does include more steps and fees than buying from your dealer down the street. However, owning your dream C3 Corvette is worth the extra work and additional cost. To get you more comfortable with the process, let’s talk about four of the pieces involved in purchasing a Corvette internationally.





You may find and choose any shipping company you like. When asked for suggestions, we refer customers to United Container Line (UCL). UCL is a shipping broker, which means they work with all shipping companies to find the best option for you. We have worked with UCL often over the years with much success. Click here to visit the United Container Line website, where you can contact them for a same-day rate quote on your shipment.


While the total time frame for this process can vary depending on the customs process in your country/local port, the time frame on our side is fairly consistent.  Once the sale has been made, the car will usually be transported to port within 1-2 weeks.  This is the time required to complete a wire transfer and schedule shipment to the port.  The sailing time between an American port and any international port typically falls between 20 and 30 days.





Because we don’t know where you live, we can’t tell you what your specific laws are. We can tell you what you should research. You will want to be aware of any laws your country has in place regarding moving a classic car through customs. On the same subject, you will also want to research what kind of classic cars can be imported. The last thing you want is to have your stunning Corvette arrive, only to find, it’s not allowed in your country.




In addition to laws, you will want to become familiar with your country’s import taxes. Import taxes are going to vary depending on where you live. You can find these details with a simple Google search. For example, in France, if a car is 25 years old or older, the buyer will be subject to an “Old Timers” duty of 5.5%. However, keep in mind that these fees are always subject to change. Because of this, you should research the fees at the time of your purchase.


In summary, while purchasing a C3 Corvette overseas may seem overwhelming, it can be done! Simply take the process one step at a time and to use us as a resource along the way. Click here for more information on our Worldwide Corvette Sales. Here you can read reviews from several of our satisfied international customers. You can also view a world map of where many of our sold corvettes are now located. At Hobby Car Corvettes, we are happy to not only provide you with the Corvette of your dreams, but to help make the process as stress free as possible.