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Classic Corvettes

The Origins of the corvette, Pt. 2

Corvette History: 1984-Now In Part 1 of our look into the history of the corvette, we explored the first generations that laid the foundation for the modern era ‘vettes. This post is a continuation of that one, looking at where GM has taken the design from the...

The Origins of the corvette, Pt. 1

Corvette History The Chevy Corvette is a timeless classic – an iconic design that is unlike anything else on the road. For more than 60 years, Corvettes have been turning heads with their sleek curves, big motors, and ecstatic owners. In order to fully appreciate this...

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We are terribly sorry, but due to a family emergency, all sales are suspended.  Our responses will be delayed as well.  Please feel free to browse our cars online, however the showroom is closed and we cannot move towards any sales at this time.  We are working to correct this as soon as possible. 

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