Vintage cars have a devout following of admirers, and for good reasonthey’re classic, they have character, and nothing summons blissful feelings of nostalgia quite like a vintage car. We here at Hobbycar Corvettes could not agree more. Vintage Corvettes are the lifeline of our business, because of our devotion to the hobby.


Worthy of keeping in mind, is that along with the charm and character, typically come some bumps and bruises. To have the ups, you have to endure the downs. Vintage cars have seen better days, because they have been around for many years. Some of them have been loved and stored well. Some may have been left out to be worn and torn by the elements. One thing you can almost always count on, no matter the scenario, is that your beautiful vintage car, is going to leak.


new pig tyrone pa

New Pig, located in Tyrone PA


Thanks to New Pig, a company in Tyrone Pennsylvania, preparing for and quickly resolving spills and leaks, has never been easier. Let’s take a closer look at who New Pig is and why every garage owner and vintage car hobbyist should be in the loop.




A spill kit is a supply of necessary tools and materials to address spills that are difficult to clean and dispose of. Specifically in regards to working with vintage cars, you could find yourself with serious gasoline or oil leaks, only to realize when time is of the essence, you have no idea how to handle. A spill kit will contain everything you need to remedy this situation. Having the kit is helpful because you have all your necessary supplies in one place, and the kit can be easily transported to any spill location.


new pig spill kit for vehicle work

New Pig spill kit designed for vehicle work

You might wonder, “can’t I just clean it up with a towel?” This would not be wise. Gasolines, oils, and other vehicle liquids, can be flammable and toxic and need to be absorbed and disposed of correctly and safely. Imagine you clean an oil or grease spill with a rag, that later comes in contact with a spark. You could be facing a very serious, and avoidable, fire.



Kits contain a variety of absorbent materials specially created for specific liquids. They also contain devices for containing the spill from spreading, patch and repair tools, safety gear, and containers or bags to hold spent spill materials.




Working with vintage cars is a passion unlike any other. We want to ensure it continues to be enjoyable, and not wind up in a trip to the emergency room. Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional mechanic, you should always protect your skin and eyes from exposure to potentially hazardous liquids. New Pig knows exactly what personal protective equipment you should have on hand when you are working with your vintage cars.




new pig mat under all corvettes

We place New Pig mats under every Corvette in the warehouse

In addition to protecting your skin and eyes, when it comes to spills, you need to think about protecting your floors. Modern cement sealers too often don’t hold up against old car drips and leaks. Corrosive liquids like oils and gasoline, even in small consistent drips, will eventually damage your garage floor. Even if a spill is cleaned up immediately, it can leave an ugly stain if your sealer isn’t up to par. Unfortunately, we had to learn this the hard way when we sealed (and resealed) the floor in our new building.



new pig mat under corvette

New Pig Absorbent Mat under Corvette

Because of this, it is key to protect your garage floor from damage. The New Pig mats and containment devices catch the drips before they make contact with the floor. Each time we park one of our classic corvettes, we place at least one of these mats underneath. Under the mat, we place a larger sheet of plastic, just in case a leak springs outside of the mat’s coverage area. This would also protect the floor if a larger leak soaked through the mat. Be proactive and avoid unsightly stains, not to mention costly and labor-intensive repairs.  





Investing in any sort of proactive gear or equipment will cost you some money up front. Sometime we struggle spending money on problems that don’t exist yet. But the truth is, an investment now could save you larger sums of money in the long run. Preparing with absorbent mats and safety gear, could save you from hefty repair and medical bills down the line. And in regards to our health and safety, can you really put a price on that?


Now that you have the information and you are aware of the potential dangers when working with vintage cars in garages and other settings, we hope you consider equipping yourself, your employees, and family with the gear and knowledge necessary to avoid disaster. Representatives at New Pig are always available to consult with you, about what essentials you should have for your unique setting. We want you to enjoy your vintage car hobby with as little risk as possible. Keep it fun, and keep it safe, with New Pig.


Check out these spill and leak products specifically recommended by a knowledgeable New Pig employee for work with cars in garages!


The gray universal mats work best because they can handle any automotive fluids. They come in three weights: heavy, medium, and light. In general, they recommend the medium weight for the rolls and pads because you want to be able to clean up spills, wipe up lots of fluid, line work surfaces, etc. The light weight is recommended for drum tops because typically that is just for drips and it’s more cost effective.


The spill kit has New Pig heavyweight mat pads to absorb lots of fluid and their best absorbent socks for surrounding a spill so the leak doesn’t slip under it. The wipers are a New Pig Best Seller! They are soft enough for hands but tough enough for cleaning parts as well.


MAT2001 PIG® Absorbent Mat Roll in Dispenser Box, Mediumweight, 1 roll that’s 15” wide by 75’ long with perforations every 10” @ $49.00
MAT171 PIG® Absorbent Mat Pad in Dispenser Box, Mediumweight, 50 pads each 15” x 20” @ $56.00
MAT244 PIG® Barrel Top Absorbent Mat, Lightweight, 25 pads each with 2 bung holes for 55-gallon steel drums
KIT274 PIG® Spill Kit in See-Thru Bag, contains 28 heavyweight pads, 4 socks to soak up 9 gallons, there are 2 disposal bags, comes in a clear vinyl bag that makes it easy to tell what’s inside for $149.00
WIP230 PIG® PR40 All-Purpose Wipers, they’re quarter-folded and about 12” x 13, you get 18 packages of 56 for 1,008 total wipers for $106.00