Since his first corvette sale, RJ Sottile has served a multitude of satisfied vette customers worldwide, without losing the small town integrity that he started with.

Whether you are 2 miles or half a world away, we are willing to work with you to make sure that you get the Corvette you want.

The map on this page indicates some of the locations of Corvettes RJ has sold, both locally and internationally. Over the years, he has sold Corvettes to new owners in states including Utah, Florida, California, Virginia, Maryland, and many others. He has also seen a rise in international Corvette sales to include countries such as Norway, Andora (bordering Spain), Belgium, Australia, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Canada, and many others. Several options are available for the shipment of your Vette within the continental U.S. or worldwide. RJ will be more than happy to guide you to the right shipping choice for you. If you are new to shipping, please visit our shipping page for information on shipping options and how we can help you ship your new corvette to an international destination.

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Comments from previous customers:

I bought my 1969 Corvette from Hobby Car Corvettes four years ago and it’s a solid car and I drive it all the time. I enjoyed working with RJ and his team there. They are honest and straightforward. I would purchase from them again.

1969 Silver Corvette

Enjoyed a great ride into DC and then home. Starting our list of things to do but wanted to thank you

1976 Silver Corvette, Virgina

Awesome!! RJ, I want to thank you for making this all to easy to deal with you and this purchase. If I’m ever in the area, I will stop in. If you find yourself all the way out here dinner is on me!

1976 Tan Corvette, Washington State

Hi RJ,
a while back I purchased a 1977 light blue C3 from you. I am very happy with the car and we made many small improvements. One thing I like to do is to mildly modify the engine to make it a little bit more responsive. I consulted many web-sites and talked to different people. As the engine seems to be matching numbers and I do not want to spend a fortune on a complete rebuild, my thought was to replace the camshaft and the manifold and leave the rest untouched (Rochester Qjet, cylinder headed, etc).

1977 Blue Corvette

Morning y’all!

I wanted to let you know the car had been delivered and everything went well. Luke is in love with it and it is exactly what he wanted plus more!

Thank you all for making this such a quick and easy transaction! I will definitely recommend y’all for anyone looking!

Thanks again!!!


1980 Red Corvette, New Orleans

Sorry to contact you so late but I just wanted you to know that the car got here safe and sound last evening around seven. We unloaded in the pouring rain but everything was fine.
Just wanted to tell you that I’m very pleased with the car today. I took it for a ride today even though I don’t have plates on it yet and everything ran great. I panicked slightly when I saw that the wheels had wheel locks on them but I found the master in the glove compartment.
Thanks again for all your help and for having such a great car for me to buy. I’ll be sure to sing your praises to my friends.

1981 Red Corvette, Maryland


thank you for great business! I have Mustang in my garage. It is good car.

I look forward to next deal with you.

Thank you and have a nice spring!

Best Regards



1965 Mustang, Czech Republic

My black 1980 corvette I purchased of you last November finally turned up yesterday lunch time.Its a very nice looking car.I noticed you put new tires on it also thank you very much
Kind regards
Mathew Smith


1980 Black, Australia

i’m a long time camaro/chevelle guy and first time corvette guy . R J couldn’t have been more helpful . pretty much bought the car ………blind – with trust in R J and the appearance of the 1973 vette . could not be happier – Bob was/is a good man . had my vette checked out and hit a home run . big selection and more than that , knowledge of corvettes . a different animal . price was better than fair , understand you are buying a classic/antique — welcome to ownership of an old car ! come here . your head will spin . if you are looking for a vette , trust me —- you will find it there . they have it all . and know there stuff – EXPERTS .



1973 White, PA

He’s actually delivering it tonight….
Once again thank you and continued success!!
Really a great family business!!

George & Kasey NY

George & Kasey

1979 Truquise, NY

RJ, my Vette passed inspection here in RI. The young kid at the garage was salivating all over. The car is gorgeous. Glad I ended up with this color and model.

A couple of guys who know some stuff thought it was a good deal. Thanks to you and your dad. This is a keeper. Suspect I may upgrade in the future. I will be back!

David RI


1977 Light Blue, RI

The vette arrived today without any hiccups. And sure looks to me like you installed the seat covers, door panels, and a portion of the carpet. I really appreciate that!!!!
I’m going to have taking care of this classic hot rod. I’ll save the rest of the carpet and detailing for the winter months.
Thanks again RJ!!  Ken


1971 Blue Corvette, NY

RJ is awesome! We live in O’Fallon, IL. and did something we swore we would never do…buy a car sight unseen! After doing our “homework” and talking to RJ numerous evenings on the phone, we took the leap and bought our gorgeous yellow ‘79 survivor, without leaving the comfort of our living room. RJ was so, so patient, answering our many questions and sending us lots of pictures. He made the whole process very stress-free. When our Vette arrived at our front door we were ecstatic! The car is exactly as RJ had described and as we expected it to be. If you’re in the market for a C3, do yourself a favor and check out his inventory. When you find “the car”, relax and know that RJ is the real deal…honest, professional, and he know his Corvettes!

Pamela and Butch

1979 Yellow Corvette, IL

Got the car around 5 l love it. All the neighbors were lining the street when the truck came pulling up. I put some high test in it and drove it around the block. Felt good driving. Thanks again for getting it here today.
Dave – NJ

1972 White corvette, NJ

C3 Experts – I bought a 1978 Vette from RJ and Bob in April 2016, RJ did a great job explaining the vehicle, and shared his vast knowledge of Corvettes.Helpfully advising many things to me during the sale and post-sale about Corvettes.He continued to respond by email to any question I had, always offering helpful suggestions and solutions. This location is the place to buy C3 Corvettes on the East Coast, all are fairly priced and mechanically sound. When I am ready for my next corvette, Hobby Car Corvettes will be my first stop. –
John R- New Jersey
John R

1978 Black Hot Rod corvette, New Jersey

RJ and Bob, I would really like to thank both of you for all the help in purchasing and shipping the Corvette. Bob, you should be very proud of your son, as he is a pleasure to deal with. RJ you have taken all the stress out of purchasing and shipping the Corvette. I will let all of my friends know about your operation. Again, thank you both.
Doug Martin From Maryland
Doug Martin

1971 Blue Blue Corvette Convertible, Maryland

Hi RJ, Finally have the Vette home, arrived 6AM, woke the neighbors up! Here it is sat on my drive with the kids crawling around inside it. Drove to work in it today and wow, awesome. Its just hilarious how out of place it looks in the car park amongst all the Euro boxes, modern German and British cars. We are setting off to the Le Mans 4 hour race in June so should have some good pics for you, try and take some pics with it parked outside a castle or something old feel free to use on your blog or website if that helps. Thanks once again I am over the moon with the vehicle and the support you have provided, would have no hesitancy in recommending you guys to anyone looking to buy a Corvette worldwide. Cheers, Rich from the UK.


1974 Red Big Block corvette

Hello RJ,

Many thanks to you, I am having a blast looking at it and driving it😁😄

Great healthy day


1979 Silver L82 Kuwait

Made it home. No issues. That rain sucked but didn't see any leaks. Thanks again!!

1979 388 White, PA

Hi RJ.

Just a brief note to say I finally got the car released from Customs on Thursday and got to at least sit in it!

I’m REALLY happy with it. Thanks a lot for the opportunity, it’s exactly what I wanted.  

As you can imagine, making a significant purchase like this from photos on the internet comes with some trepidation.

However, the condition is as good as I could have possibly hoped for so I’m very pleased that I chose you to buy from.

Hope to drop in and see you one day to say thank you personally. 


Graeme in Australia


1981 Red

Hey RJ let you mom k is we made it Roanoke VA  safely and should make it home Today!!

Love the Vette!! Most fun driving I’ve ever had!!


1982 Blue

Hello Sir,
I really like my new Corvette.  This thing sounds GREAT : ))
Got exactly what I was hoping for in this vehicle.
Thank you,

1979 White

Hi RJ car just came and is perfect sherry and I have been dreaming about this since we got married in 1990 so thanks for all your help Jeff


1977 Blue

I am the proud owner of this beauty !!! I really can’t say enough about RJ , his mom and dad. What a great FAMILY Business they have here. They will take care of you from the moment you walk in till the moment you drive away ,, or trailer away. Lol.
Very nice people !!! It’s great to see the American dream alive and well !! Top notch Vette’s
If I’m in the market for another ,, I know right where I’m going. ♥️


1978 Red


The Corvette arrived this morning and it is more beautiful than the pictures indicated. Thank you for making this dream come true. I have wanted a Corvette since I was 10 years old. 


1982 Burgundy

Thought I would send you a couple of pictures of my dream car I waited 50 years for! This baby runs great!
Thanks again,


1969 Blue

Hello Mr Sottile,

I hope you are well.
It’s just to let you know that the car has arrived today with me and it looks and sounds great!!
No damage done during the trip so all is good.
Can I just say a massive thank you for all your help over the last few months.
I hope I didn’t hound you too much, but as I had never done this before, I hope you understood my concerns.
You were so helpful and answered all my questions, so once again many thanks.
I would like to hope I may be back for maybe a 70’s model at some point, I like those too!

In the meantime, I will tinker around with my new ‘baby’ and look forward to the summer months ahead where I can show her off!

Kind regards
Tony in the UK


1981 Red

Thanks RJ. Love the car and It was really nice meeting you and your family. Definitely worth the trip!


1981 White Oh


this is literally the first moment ive had to sit and compose and e-mail since I got home (I had some previous engagements this afternoon and evening and buying a car in martinsburg PA was infringing on those plans bigtime). but yes, I, and much more importantly, the corvette made it back to Annapolis just fine. looking forward to “playing” with it a little tomorrow. thanks for the pleasant buying experience and please pass those sentiments along to Bob and Sharlene as well.




1973 Dark Red MD

Hi RJ.
Wanted to let you know that the Corvette was delivered today at around noon. It seems to be mostly original and in about the shape I expected. It was nice doing business with you and I appreciate your service. I am happy with the 1977 Corvette.
Thanks again
Steve – Texas


Tonight beautiful car was arrived
I want to thank you and I will take care of her(I named her “Catherine (from Hawaii five O) very well!
Thank you again
Yuka From Michigan


We got it!!! Love it !!! Thanks so much! Tony from Wisconsin


Wisconsin, 1972 Ontario Orange

RJ, Have not spoken to you since taking delivery of my car. Just wanted to let you know that I am happy with the car. I was uncomfortable doinga deal online but, it turned out fine. It is pretty much what I expected. Your description was acurate, a solid 35 year old car. This is not a flip for me. I will make improvements over the next several years, and I am sure I will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks again. Sal


1981 Charcoal Charcoal corvette

Hi RJ,

It’s me again the car arrived today we are so happy with it thanks again for all your help.

Thanks, Neville from Malta


Malta, 1981 Red Corvette

Hi RJ, went and collected corvette yesterday, was not disappointed drove 110 miles back from London sweet as a nut. Look forward to the other one.
Thanks Martin


1975 Green Corvette, London

I just received the Vette. It’s a beauty, Thank You Very Much


New York

Fiance approved!!!! Thank you RJ for making probably the smoothest vehicle transaction I ever had!!! We all love it including the kiddos!!! Definitely gotta get the use out of the regular tag before the antique tag arrives.


1977 Tan, PA

Good morning
Just wanted to let you know that the car was delivering last night.  Thanks for great delivery service and the car is everything that you said it was and even looks better. 
Thanks again. It was a pleasure doing business with both of you. 
Have a good day.
Pat in Alabama

1980 Red, Alabama

RJ.. sending you many thanks. The car arrived late last night and I’m very happy. It was scary buying without seeing it but you made easy. Thank you Steve in Florida


1968 White, Florida

Hi Rj,

I purchased a 77 Corvette, L48, white / red interior, 4 speed from you back in September. Figured I’d drop you a line and give you an update.

I can’t remember if I told you this at the time, but I bought this car to give to my wife for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Our anniversary wasn’t until September 26th, so I had to hide it from my wife in my friends garage.

On the night of the 26th, while my wife and I were out to dinner, my Brother in law and my friend brought the corvette from my friends garage over to my house. When we got home from dinner my wife lost her mind and couldn’t believe that it was hers, saying at one point “ok, we have to give this back at some point, right?”. I assured her it was hers to keep, and after about 5 minutes of disbelief, she took the keys and went out for a solo voyage. When she made her way back in the driveway, it was tears, ear to ear grin, she raved about how it ran, in total disbelief that I gave her the Corvette she always dreamed about.

Because of the limited time I had before the our anniversary, I didn’t really have a chance to really go through the car, but since then I have. I pulled a full vacuum on the AC system for a good 4 hours, then let it sit under vacuum for another 4 hours to discover there were no leaks. Two and a half cans of R134 later the AC is ice cold, and has stayed that way since. The car starts every single time, we’ve put almost 200 trouble free and fun filled miles on it already. She’s taken it to work twice, and always seems a little happier when she comes home from work on those days. It runs great and I couldn’t be happier. It feels safe and sturdy, and I’m confident that it won’t leave her stranded.

As far as the exterior goes, I clay bar’d the entire car, then worked in an extra heavy coat of Meguar’s number 7 in to the paint and let it sit over night. If you have a faded single stage paint car come in, I highly recommend this, as mine came up like glass. I’ve enclosed a pic. I’m amazed at how well this works. There’s tons of info out there on how to resurrect faded single stage paint, and it really worked wonders on the Corvette.

I do have a question. Do you have any info on the previous owner / owners? This car is amazingly clean. I had to pull the passenger side dashboard out to trouble shoot the volt gauge (it stopped working) and was shocked to discover there was absolutely no rust anywhere in the birdcage / bottom windshield channel. I’m just curious about its history and life before I bought it.

It was great to meet you. I’m glad I had the chance to come out and check out your inventory. It was amazing to see all those C3’s in one place. I couldn’t be happier with the condition, performance, and believe it or not, reliability of this Corvette.

John in Delaware


1977 White, Delaware

Ha for an ugly duckling I get stop at least a couple times a day … people out here love her!

1968 Gold, NY

She’s officially ours!!! Drove 220 miles home in the wet weather and down some mountain roads and she didn’t miss a beat!!!
Scott & Denise
Scott & Denise

1974 Yellow, PA

Bought my first Corvette from RJ and crew last year. The price for my ’71 roadster was fair/reasonable and came in the condition that was described by RJ. Being this Vette was my first classic car I kept bombarding RJ with stupid questions daily for a week or so…he was very professional and helpful. Will recommend to others.
Alishan – Washington

1971 Black Black Corvette Convertible, Washington

Hi RJ hope your well and selling plenty of those cars just a e mail to inform you after a long hold up in customs I got to see my car for the first time yesterday it’s just what I wanted looks great and I would just like to thank you very much it will do us proud Thank you again Bryan Chitty from Auckland New Zealand


Auckland New Zealand, 1977 Dark Blue corvette

Hey. Just wanted let you know still really diggin the car. And before things really get rocking for the holidays hope you guys have a merry.

1979 Black corvette

Hi RJ, finally I´m a proud owner of a gorgeous 1968 vette! The car arrived already 6 weeks ago but had been at the repair shop until thursday. We had to deal with some issues concerning the head and tail lamps due to German regulations. Weather this weekend was great, so I took the car on a ride. What should I say – it was wonderful. The Vette is a real beauty and defintely a head-turner… I´m very happy and wanted to thank you for all your efforts! I attached a picture for your facebook page – I hope you notice that I´m wearing the proper flag on my shirt ????Greetings from Germany, Ludwig


Germany, 1968 Blue Blue Corvette Convertible

Hi RJ, hope your well and selling plenty of those cars just an email to inform you after a long hold up in customs I got to see my car for the first time yesterday it’s just what I wanted looks great and I would just like to thank you very much it will do us proud. Thank you again.

Bryan Chitty

Auckland New Zealand

I bought my yellow 79 L82 manual Corvette from Hobby Car Corvettes.
I bought it “sight unseen” which most people advise not to do. I bought it purely on the photos and the video. I was worried but now that I have received my car, I am very pleased with it. It seems to be in very good condition and I have checked the usual rust trouble spots. The more I look at it, the happier I am. I never spoke to RJ in person or even on the phone but I would like to thank him for selling me my dream car.


UK, 1979 Yellow

Hi RJ, just wanted to thank you and tell you the car has been great. It’s really fun car to drive. 


NY, 1970 Black

Hi RJ,

Thanks for you for your service as I want to informed you that I received The car and it’s in good condition.

Thank you again and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.


Saudi Arabia

She arrived a few hours ago.  Extremely pleased with car.
Thanks again RJ



And even more happy new Corvette owners:

1979 Red corvette RJ I drove 165 miles to get home and the car ran perfectly.  It is a real blast to drive.  I was a little tentative at first because of the rain but by the time I got onto US 30, I was really comfortable with the handling.  The grandsons think it is AWESOME.  I think they would rather go for a ride than go trick-or-treating. Thanks for your help. Bob in Maryland

1980 Black corvette Bought my 80′ Vette in June, it turns heads everywhere I go, goes like wildfire. Thanks Pete in TN

1974 Blue corvette Hi RJ The Corvette finally arrived today after being held up at customs for a month,the people I used to bring the car in were hopeless. For a while I thought I had lost the car and my money. I am very pleased with it. Thank you very much for all you did for me. Thanks Larry from Australia

1982 Silver Blue corvette Hi Rj, it’s ok, my Corvette is arrive in good state to Miami, and ready for shipment to France ! She is already in a container, and wait for the verification of U.S. Customs. I’m really looking forward to see 🙂 best regards Philippe from France

1969 Red corvette Yes got everything. Thanx.. Glad I bought her through you Regards Thanks again, -Mohamed from Bahrain

1979 Silver corvette Guys, Thank you so much for all your help and a great deal on the 79 silver Vette I purchased from you a few weeks back! Its a fantastic car and extremely pleased with it. I feel like you guys gave me a great deal! Thanks again, -Jim in PA

1981 Red corvette Hello RJ, The car has arrived, my husband is overjoyed, personally I have not seen it yet, but when I see him joy she must be really beautiful ……… thank you very much. -Mary in France

1979 White corvette Mr.Sottile The Vette arrived today. Im loving it.It needs some cosmetic work,not worried about it. I will let you know if I need help or assistance. Thank you. -Carlos in Texas

1978 Silver Anv corvette Hi RJ We made it!!! We really like the car AND if you ever get a 1976 let us know……looks like we will become a 2 Vette family! Thanks for your patience with us. -Karen in Canada

1977 White corvette RJ The car was delivered Saturday afternoon. The car arrived with no transport problems. The biggest problem with the car is my 19 year old son who drives a 2004 Infiniti g 35 thinks he is co owner and wants to drive it. I have had to put my foot down that the Vette is my toy not his. Thank you for the car and smooth transaction with your company. The wife suprised me. she wants to go for rides in it. Thanks again -Larry in Nebraska

1977 Black corvette Hi RJ- I received my car yesterday in perfect condition! Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to doing future business with you 🙂 I’ll send you some pix soon. Sincerely, -Kelly in Colorado

1975 Yellow corvette Hi RJ My Corvette arrived today safe and well very happy with car i drive car today it drive very good very happy. Thanks -Stuart in Australia

1975 Red corvette Hi RJ, Wow! Very, very, nice! I only had a few minutes to visit today. Next week I will get it registered and I will take for a run, weather permitting! Do I need to break the motor in or anything like that? Thank you for sending me a very nice corvette! -John in NJ

1972 Orange corvette RJ, Yes, I made it home safe and sound. She ran really well. Thanks for checking. Thanks, -Danny in Virginia