Classic Corvette Financing

Financing is becoming a big part of the Corvette market. As the values and popularity of Corvettes continue to grow, consumers need a way to buy without paying everything out of pocket.

At Hobby Car Corvettes, we stay out of the middle of financing. This is mostly because our customers can get better interest rates and terms with classic car finance companies compared to what we could offer. Also, the turn-around time for pre-approval with these companies is usually just a few days. This means your new Corvette Stingray can be in your driveway much sooner!

Below are some links to companies that offer classic car financing. Keep in mind that local banks and credit unions also may offer competitive loan rates.

Light Stream usually funds with in 1-3 business days.

J.J. Best usually funds with in 2-3 weeks.

*Links to these companies have been listed as resources that may be helpful to you. The above logos have been used with permission, however these companies are in no way associated with Hobby Car Corvettes.