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1968 - 1972 Corvettes For Sale

This page features C3 Stingray Corvettes, the beginning of the Stingray era. This includes Corvettes from 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 & 1972. If you don’t see the Chrome Bumper Corvette from 1968-1972 that you are looking for, call 814-937-4941. We may have one in stock and not have it online yet or there may be a Corvette from the C3 Chrome Bumper era we are in the process of acquiring. This is where you would find C3 Corvettes with the LT-1 engine option.

1972 Ontario Orange Corvette Stingray Convertible Manual Transmission

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Price pending inspection and detailing - email or call for current price

350 engine, four speed manual transmission, 90,000 miles, power steering, power brakes, A/C, rally wheels, hooker header side pipes, tan convertible top, and much more.

1970 Black LT1 Corvette TTop Manual Transmission

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Price pending inspection and detailing - email or call for current price

Numbers matching, LT-1, 4 speed manual transmission,  63,000 original miles, power brakes, frame off restoration started, rally wheels, hooker header side pipes, and much more.

1969 Fathom Green Corvette Stingray Convertible Four Speed Manual For Sale

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CE 350 engine, 4 speed manual transmission, 52,000 miles on dash(title is exempt for mileage), tan convertible top, rally wheels, beige interior, dual exhaust, original valve covers, luggage rack, and much more. Same owner since 1995. Always garage kept and well maintained. We changed the oil and filter and checked and lubed the chassis. We… Read More

1969 Monaco Orange Corvette Convertible Four Speed For Sale

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This orange eye-catcher is a lot of fun to cruise around in!  It always seems to draw a crowd at all the local cruise-ins and car shows.  With only 77,539 original miles, this corvette features: 350/369 HP crate engine M21 close ratio four speed manual transmission Black interior Power brakes Power windows AM/FM/CD changer radio… Read More

1969 LeMans Blue Corvette Stingray Convertible 4spd For Sale

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Just in time for summer cruising, this 1969 blue blue stingray is one sharp ride and will make someone a fun chrome bumper driver. 350 motor, 99,000 miles on dash (title is exempt for mileage), 4 speed manual transmission, blue interior, rally wheels, white convertible top,  blue hard top, AM/FM/Cassette player, crank windows, manual brakes and… Read More

1968 Gold Corvette Convertible Automatic For Sale

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350 engine, automatic transmission, 52,000 miles on dash (title is exempt for mileage), telescopic steering column, rally wheels, power steering, power brakes, X-A/C, wood steering wheel, AM/FM radio, black convertible top, black interior, headers, dual exhaust, luggage rack, Holley carburetor, and much more.  This corvette spent its life in Florida and North Carlina. We replaced the… Read More

1972 Red Corvette Big Block Ecklers Wide Body For Sale

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Price pending inspection and detailing - email or call for current price

big block, 2 4 barrel carbs, automatic, black leather interior, power steering, power brakes, and much more.

1969 Red Corvette Convertible

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4 speed manual transmission, 400 small block, 87,800 miles on dash(title is exempt for mileage), black interior, rally wheels, black convertible top, crank windows, power steering, rear window defogger, AM/FM/Cassette radio, and much more. The head lights, wipers, tach, and radio all work. We changed the oil and filter and checked and lubed the chassis. We… Read More

1969 White Corvette Stingray For Sale

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Numbers matching, 350/300Hp, 909 miles on dash (title is exempt for mileage), four speed manual transmission, black interior, AM/FM/Cassette radio, removable rear window, rally wheels, and much more.  Original color was Monza Red. The previous owner spent a lot of money on this corvette over the years. Some of the recent work done includes the… Read More

1972 Classic White Corvette Stingray T Top 4spd

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350 engine, four speed manual transmission, 20,800 miles on dash (title is exempt for mileage), dark saddle interior, X-A/C, AM/FM Delco radio, rally wheels with raised white letter radials, dual exhaust, and much more. We changed the oil and filter, transmission grease, rear end grease and additive, and checked and lubed the chassis. We replaced… Read More

1972 Black Corvette Big Block Stingray T Top For Sale

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Numbers matching, LS5 454/270Hp motor, 74,000 original miles, automatic, X-A/C, saddle leather interior, AM/FM Delco radio, removable rear window, Gymkhana suspension, and much more. We replaced the fuel pump, fuel tank, fuel sending unit, rebuilt the carb, alternator, starter, flex plate, 4 calipers, master cylinder, brake pads, brake hoses, upper control arm bushings, upper ball… Read More

1971 Mille Miglia Red LT 1 Corvette T Top


A T Top Corvette with 64,000 miles, LT1 engine, and numbers matching make this a true original. With 4spd transmission and a 350/330 hp engine, this C3 Corvette is insanely fun to drive. Other Specs: black interior, power steering, rally wheels, original Delco AM/FM radio, and much more.

1968 Safari Yellow Corvette Stingray Convertible C3

With a 327/350 hp motor and 4spd transmission, this 1968 Corvette Stingray Convertible in Safari Yellow is a joy to drive. This C3 Corvette was frame-off restored and runs like new. The classic convertible has new black carpet and seat covers, a new base coat/clear coat paint job, dual exhaust, stainless steel brakes, and all… Read More

1972 Ontario Orange Corvette Stingray Convertible Automatic

This 1972 Stingray Corvette drives like new! A black top convertible in Ontario Orange has one of our favorite color schemes. With only 61,000 miles, it’s a one owner C3 Corvette with all the paper work, including the protecto plate. Everything on this car is completely original with numbers matching, making this a must-own classic… Read More

1972 Elkhart Green LT1 Corvette Stingray

This 1972 LT1 Corvette Stingray in Elkhart Green is stunning! A T Top with the rare LT1 package makes it a favorite among collectors. With only 43,000 miles, this C3 Corvette has a 350/255 hp motor, 4spd transmission, power steering, tinted glass windows, an AM/FM radio, and a nice original saddle interior. Recently, this classic… Read More

1972 Sunflower Yellow Corvette LT1 Convertible

This 1972 Sunflower Yellow Corvette LT1 Convertible is a rarity. It’s dark saddle interior and tan convertible top go great with the bright color, making it one our favorites! This C3 Corvette was owned and restored by a GM dealer for over 20 years and has only amassed 38,000 miles. It’s 350/LT1 motor and unique… Read More

1971 Mulsanne Blue Corvette LT1 Convertible All Original

This 1971 Corvette LT1 Convertible in Mulsanne Blue is all original. Its white convertible top and rare LT1 package makes it one of our personal favorites. With only 30,000 miles, this C3 Corvette looks and drives great after being incredibly well maintained! Other Specs: 350/330 hp motor, 4spd, power steering, power brakes, tinted glass, AM/FM… Read More

1970 Mulsanne Blue LT1 Corvette Stingray Convertible

With less than 300 1970 LT1 Convertibles built, this is a rare classic Corvette. Our 1970 Mulsanne Blue LT1 Corvette Stingray Convertible has been restored to better than NCRS specs. Work on this C3 Corvette includes: frame off restoration, restored original 1970 front grills, completely detailed undercarriage, and much more. There is a lot of… Read More

1970 Daytona Yellow Corvette Stingray Convertible 4spd All Original

A perfect collector’s car! This 1970 Stingray Corvette Convertible in Daytona Yellow is all original. Its black convertible top matches perfectly, and you can’t go wrong with a 350/300 hp motor on a C3 Corvette. This classic convertible has 50,000 miles and recently received new stainless steel brakes and dual exhaust. Other Specs: numbers matching,… Read More

1970 Marlboro Maroon LT1 Corvette Stingray T Top 4spd

One of our most prized possessions at Hobby Car, this 1970 Marlboro Maroon LT1 Stingray Corvette is gorgeous! The C3 Corvette T Top has the rare LT1 package with a 350/370 hp motor, 4spd transmission, and numbers matching. This classic T Top only has 69,000 miles and has never had any body damage. The engine… Read More

1970 Bridgehampton Blue Corvette 454/390HP Convertible

One of our favorite classic Corvettes, this 1970 Bridgehampton Blue Corvette Convertible has a ton of power! A 454/390 hp engine and 4spd transmission makes this C3 Corvette incredibly fun to drive. The convertible has a black top and black interior with numbers matching, making this a true original. A one owner Corvette, its undergone… Read More

1970 Cortez Silver Baldwin Motion LT-1 Corvette T Top

A very, very rare C3 Corvette. The original owner of this 1970 Baldwin Motion LT1 Corvette T Top was told by Joel Rosen that this is the first LT1 to be released with the Baldwin Motion Phase III package, and more than likely the only one to retain its original engine. With a gorgeous Cortez… Read More

1969 Blue Mako Shark Corvette Convertible

One of the most iconic designs of the C3 Corvette era, this 1969 Blue Mako Shark Corvette Convertible has 53,000 original miles, a 4spd transmission, and numbers matching. Other Specs: power steering, power brakes, black interior, alloy wheels, original AM/FM radio, tinted glass, tilt and tele steering column, and much more. While this car is… Read More

History of the 1968-1972 Corvette Series

The ‘68 through ‘72 Vettes are the first five of the third generation Corvettes.

The 1968 Corvette was the first year for the Mako Shark body style. This design was inspired by an actual Mako Shark on a fishing trip. The ‘68 Vette is exciting because it was the first of a new generation, and underwent a serious makeover! The slogan for the release was “All different, all over”. Being the first, it also had some kinks needing to be worked out in 1969. One of the most often noted design flaws from early buyers was the lack of interior space for the driver. This flaw would be remedied in 1969. A unique non-feature of the 1968, is the lack of the Stingray or Sting Ray moniker.

The 1969 Vette was chock full of reworks and redesigns. The interior of the 1969 Corvette saw a functional redesign giving drivers and passengers more room. The ‘69 wheels grew wider from 7 to 8 inches. Also, the door handle was redesigned to allow for opening the door with either right or left hand on either side of the car.

1970 was the first year designers started moving in the direction of a luxury car in addition to sports car. With this goal in mind, many aesthetic upgrades were made. In addition, The interior will be even roomier and comfier than 1969 as designers continued to tweak for comfort of the driver and passenger. In 1970 Corvettes, big block engines increased from 427 to 454 cubic inches and the powerful 370 HP LT1 small block engine made its debut. So this is something you will want to keep your eye out for in a 1970 Corvette!

1971 Corvettes and 1972 Corvettes both saw very little change aesthetically. However, both years saw a fair share of removals. Similar to the appeal of owning a “first made”, it can be equally fulfilling to own a “last made”. The 1972 Corvette will be the last Corvette to feature both a front and rear chrome bumper, as rubber bumpers are introduced in 1973.

Over these two years, new regulations ushered in significant engine redesigns. Because of this, you may see less power in a later Corvette. However, Corvette still maintained the status of a racecar favorite. However, If engine options and output are number one on your shopping list, you may want to consider a 1968-1970 Corvette.

Overall, these five years ushered in our favorite generation of Chevrolet Corvettes. We saw a unique and sleek Corvette redesign introducing the sharkesque style. We also saw a functional redesign of engines and mechanics, allowing Chevrolet to meet necessary regulations while maintaining the sleek and fast Corvette reputation.