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1977 Red Corvette ZZZ Crate Engine Manual Transmission T Top

This car has been SOLD


350/345Hp ZZZ GM Crate engine, four speed manual transmission, 31,800 original miles, red leather interior, AM/FM/Cassette radio, painted T-tops, power steering, power brakes, A/C, power windows, rally wheels, Hooker Header side pipes, chrome air cleaner, aluminum heads, aluminum intake, Holley carburetor, and much more!

This corvette is a lot of fun to cruise around in with the upgraded engine. This is going to make someone a fun car to take to cruise-ins and weekend rides. 

We changed the oil and filter and checked and lubed the chassis. We also replaced both rear brake calipers, rear brake hoses, rear brake pads, sway bar links, idler arm, 4 strut rod bushings, 2 trailing arm bushings, emergency brake cable, 2 rear shocks, water pump, thermostat and gasket, distributor cap and rotor, and much more. The previous owner had the seat covers and carpet replaced. 

1977 was the last year for the short back window in the C3 series. GM only produced 4,057 Medium Red Corvettes and only 7,982 four speed manual transmissions out of 49,213 total production that year.

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SOLD Check out the video!
1977 Red Corvette ZZZ Crate Engine Manual Transmission T Top Video

This car has been sold.

  • It has joined the hundreds of Corvettes we have sold locally and internationally.

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